Risks of Breast Implant

Risk of breast implant

Breast Implant Risks

Breast implants are a type of body modification that many women have considered. These modifications give many women a sense of pride and restore a positive body image.  However, although the surgery process has been around for years, it still carries with it some risks.

We strongly recommend that you learn about the pros and cons of breast implant, before making your final decision. We have provided some of the risks that might occur during and after your procedure in order to keep you informed.

Change In Sensation

Women who have had breast implants report that the sensations/feelings in their breasts have changed after having breast implant surgery.  The feeling has changed in both directions from more feeling to less feeling than previously experienced.  For some women, this is the opposite of the effect that they were seeking.

You might also suffer from irritation.  That can include pain at the slightest rubbing of breasts against the fabric.  While removal might fix the sensation change, it holds no guarantee.


During any surgical procedure where a surgeon needs to open up a part of your body, there also lies risk/risks of infection.  While most breast implants never experience any complications, it is the risk/risks that are present.  A sterile facility is the best way to prevent this from happening during the procedure.  Following up with all post care instructions will further help to prevent infections.

Infection after breast implant surgery can lead to severe complications such as necrosis of the tissue, where the tissue dies.  It can also cause toxic shock syndrome which can result in various serious symptoms.


Breast implants are a small curved container either having saline or silicone in them (please see our other blog title “what is breast implant” for more details).  Should too much force be placed on the implant or an impact be received, it can cause the outer casing to rupture.  A rupture places your body at risk for infection and toxicity exposure.

A surgeon will have to either remove or replace the implant to ensure the patient’s health.

Capsular Contracture (Tightening)

In some cases, women experience a tightening around the breast area.  This tightening is from the tissue contracting.  It can also cause hardening and firmness.  If this contracture continues, it can cause tightness on the implant.  In extreme cases, it might cause the implant to rupture if the patient suffers impacts lighter than normal.

Inability To Breast Feed/Possible Effects On Children

Some women who undergo breast implant surgery can provide breast milk to their newborns while others can not.  If you are planning to have children, you might want to wait until after to have a breast augmentation to ensure that you can healthily feed your newborn.

There are also concerns that some silicone or material from the breast implant might leak into the milk.  Studies have shown that so far there have been no detectable significant risks.  However, there is more recent concern about low birthweight from mothers that have implants before giving birth.


Breast Implant RisksOther Risks and Complications

There are a variety of other risks and complications that might arise for those who have had breast implant surgery performed.  Here are some of the other risks and complications that you might experience:

  • Allergies to Medication
  • Atrophy/Shrinking of Skin
  • Bruising
  • Calcification
  • Displacement
  • Feeling Of The Implant Through The Skin (Palpability)
  • Hematoma
  • Implant Being Visible Through Skin
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Rash/Reaction
  • Uneven/Irregular Positioning
  • Unsatisfied With Size/Placement/Feel

Please bear in mind that many common surgical complications can arise during the surgery that is involved in implanting or removing breast augmentations.  Using a modern facility with modern and approved procedures is highly recommended.

Not Made For Long Term

In reality, breast implants are not meant for long-term body augmentation.  The longer that you go without having the implants removed in the UK, the higher your chance of the above risks gets.  It is best to discuss with the surgeon an allowable duration for the implants before you have the surgery conducted.

Having breast implants anywhere in the world, including the UK, can be a life-changing procedure.  That does not mean it is without risk.  Make sure to do your homework before surgery, and you will have a lot higher chance of preventing risks.  Read some of the other articles we have to prepare yourself thoroughly.

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